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Acetal Copolymer

Material tradenames include Sustarin® C, ZL® 900-C, Acetron® GP, and Tecaform®


Acetal (POM) provides high strength and stiffness coupled with enhanced dimensional stability and ease of machining. As a semi-crystalline material, acetal is also characterized by a low coefficient of friction and good wear properties – especially in wet environments. Because acetal absorbs minimal amounts of moisture, its physical properties remain constant in a variety of environments. Low moisture absorption results in excellent dimensional stability for close-tolerance machined parts. In high moisture or submerged applications, acetal bearings outperform nylon 4 to 1. Acetal is ideally suited for close tolerance mechanical parts and electrical insulators which require strength and stiffness. It also offers resistance to a wide range of chemicals including many solvents.

Copolymer Acetal provides excellent performance and machinability without center core porosity, which lends itself as a preferred material for food contact and medical applications. Acetal comes standard in black and white, with the latter being FDA, USDA, NSF, Canada AG and 3A-Dairy compliant.

ASTM D6778 POM0211 (resin specification) Standard classification for Acetal (POM) molding and extrusion materials.

ASTM D6100-05 POM0211 - Standard specification for extruded and compression-molded Acetal shapes.

Complies with FDA regulations 21CFR 177.2470 for use in contact with food.

Material is produced in Sheet, Rod, Tube, Hex & Square - Natural & Black as standard, with many different colors also available.

Medical Grade Acetal (Celcon® M25)

Material tradenames include Sustarin® C MG, Acetron® LSG, Tecaform® MT, and Pomalux®.

This Acetal (POM) is for components in the medical technology industry and pharmaceutical industry. Sustarin® C MG is easy to machine to close tolerances and is very dimensionally stable. The material has excellent wear properties and low coefficient of friction.  The producers of Sustarin® C MG, Rochling Engineering Plastics, is the only supplier of Medical Grade plastics that is ISO 13485 Certified.

ASTM D6778 POM0211 (resin specification) Standard classification for Acetal (POM) molding and extrusion materials.

ASTM D6100 - Standard specification for extruded and compression-molded Acetal shapes.

Material is USP Class VI and ISO 10993 compliant.

Material is produced in sheet and rod, and available in multiple colors: Natural, Blue, Red, Yellow, Green, Brown, Black & Grey.

Metal Detectable Acetal 

Material tradenames include Sustarin® C MDT, Tecaform® UD Blue, and Acetron® MD.

This copolymer acetal grade, containing a metal detectable additive, has been specifically designed for use in the food processing and packaging industries.  Quality Assurance engineers at some of the largest food processing manufacturers in the country have tested detectable acetals from all manufacturers, and have found the Sustarin® C MDT to be a superior product.  Pieces as small as 3mm can easily be traced by conventional metal detection systems installed to detect contamination of the foodstuffs.  Results may vary depending on the sensitivity of the metal detection system used and settings.  Sustarin® C MDT presents excellent mechanical strength, stiffness and impact strength in a brilliant blue color to facilitate visual detection. 

Material is FDA compliant.

Static Dissipative Acetal (ESd)

Material tradenames include Sustarin® C ESD 90, ZL® 900 AS, Tecaform® AH SD, and Semitron® ESd 225.


Static dissipative Acetal is designed for use where electrical discharge in operation is a problem. This properties of this material are ideal for fixturing used in the manufacturing of hard disk drives or for handling in-process silicon wafers. Surface resistivity:  109-1011 ohm/cm.  Thermal performance to 225°F (107°C) with good wear resistance.

Material is produced in sheet and rod form - and is tan in color.

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